"Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams"

I’m Emma Kate Dawson, a recovering shy girl.

After years of being trapped by self-doubt, worry and fear I finally found the courage to embrace my inner confidence and start living the life I've always dreamed of.

I've created my dream business coaching and supporting women to go after their big dreams by building their confidence and self-belief

I work exclusively with female entrepreneurs and business owners to coach and guide them to tap into their courage and strength so they can master their mindset. We work closely to design and implement an aligned and authentic strategy so they can build their business from a place of confidence, abundance and joy.

Whether it's 1-2-1 coaching or a programme, my mission is the same.

Empower you to break down your confidence block and take massive action towards your dreams.

Training and Programmes

Help, guidance and training 

I nspiration and Support

To boost your confidence and empower your business dreams

Work with Me

Signature 1-2-1 coaching to support and guide you as you go after your big dreams

Ready to master your mindset for Confidence & Success?


The Mindset Hub

This special membership community has all the training, coaching and support you need to understand your mindset AND make transformational, lasting changes to allow you to follow your dreams.

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