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I’m Emma Kate Dawson, a certified Mindset and Confidence Coach for creative and purpose driven women

​I help, guide, support, inspire and coach amazing women who are ready to master their mindset and build their confidence so they have the courage to build the business of their dreams, making the impact they want and creating a life of abundance and joy in the process.

Enrollment for The Confidence Bootcamp is Open

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The Confidence Bootcamp is my most comprehensive confidence building course....ever

It's no fluff and no nonsense. It's 6 weeks of unrivalled training and support so you can succeed at building your confidence.

It's the deep mindset work you need, combined with practical tools to release the resistance and smash through the blocks that have been holding you back so you can finally step into the authentic, confident version of yourself you've always wanted to be.
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I used to lack confidence and self-belief

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I was filled with self-doubt, worry and self-criticism.

But everything changed for me when I unexpectedly found myself a single-mum with a baby and a toddler.

I hit rock bottom and decided the only way up was to build my confidence. 

I made a promise to my girls that I would do everything in my power to build us the best life possible.

I started my first blog and online business in 2012 and in 2017 I left my 9-5 job and qualified as a coach.

Now I work with amazing women to empower them to get clarity on their values, discover their purpose, break free of their limiting beliefs and build a strong and resilient confidence and self belief. 

Want to know how I can support you?

Confident Mindset Workshop

Thursday 15th November  9.00am to 12.30pm
​Buckminster Estate, Back Street, Buckminster, NG33 5RT

confidence building workshop

Join me at the beautiful Buckminster Estate in South Lincolnshire for this very special workshop.

If you're lack of confidence is stopping you from living your best life then this is the perfect opportunity to press the re-set button.

We are going to work together to uncover the cause of your low confidence and then I'll teach you simple but powerful mindset techniques to build a strong and lasting confidence

For more information and to book your place, simply click here

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Whether you want 1:1 coaching and business mentoring, intensive mindset and confidence building coaching or you want to be part of my exclusive membership community, The Mindset Hub, you can get all the details of how we can work together to make your dreams a reality here. 

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