I’m Emma Kate Dawson, an ILM Level 5 qualified Personal Performance Coach & Mentor.

​I work with ambitious women who want to unlock their potential and fast track their ideal life

I am passionate about helping women who aspire to be the best version of themselves and create success on their terms. Ordinary women who have had enough of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, under valued and who know deep down they deserve more from life.
If right now you….
Are lacking in self-confidence and self-belief so struggling to speak up in your job or get visible with your business
Have reached a plateau and feel stuck in the hamster wheel of life, going faster and faster and only ending up in overwhelm
Know you’re capable of so much more you just don’t know which way to go next
I am here for you.
With 1:1 Coaching you’ll….
Get clarity and focus on the life you want to create
Understand and change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
Finally rid yourself of the toxic habits that are having a major impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing  

Time for a Fresh Pespective

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  If you’re an ambitious woman who doesn’t want to settle for a business, job or life that is less than you know you’re are capable of. If you aren’t afraid to work hard to achieve your dreams and you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone because you know that is where the magic happens, find out how I can support you to reach your next level and apply for your free 1:1 clairty call

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